EcoReach ended the 2016-2017 academic year with lots of fun events!

In early March, EcoReach volunteers visited Cleveland Roads Elementary School for Career Day. The students at Cleveland Roads learned all about what it’s like to be a freshwater ecologist, conducted a practice stream bioassessment, even got to see some stream macroinvertebrates up close!

Students working on stream bioassessment activity with EcoReach volunteer, Nate.

In mid-March, one of our volunteers, Reed Solly, visited Cedar Shoals High School to represent EcoReach for the school’s Environmental Fair. Students at Cedar Shoals learned about small decisions that they can make each day to help protect our planet.

In late March, we took the Owl Pellet dissection activity to the Oglethorpe Branch of the Athens-Clarke Country (ACC) library system. Students were excited to learn about predator traits and trophic dynamics through dissecting owl pellets!

Finally, in early April, we conducted our second activity at the Athens Branch of the ACC library system. This activity was all about disease! Students learned about what causes diseases, how diseases spread, and and how we can prevent the spread of diseases through interactive activities using glo-germ and disease spreading simulations.

file-2 (1)
Students at the ACC-Athens library after the conclusion of the disease activity.



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