Soil Prep at Malcolm Bridge

On February 8'th, from 1-3 p.m., Ecoreach volunteers rode over to Malcolm Bridge Elementary School located in the lovely ol' county of Oconee, Georgia. Once there, they taught two sections of 1'st graders about sustainability, resource management, and gardening. The kids were shown a short video on sustainability and actively participated in the conversation that … Continue reading Soil Prep at Malcolm Bridge


Lovin Pollution

Located in the bustling suburbs of Lawrenceville, Ga, Ecoreach volunteers took a trip to Lovin Elementary on January 25'th. They taught third graders about pollution, covering important issues like acid rain, run off, and plastic waste. Learn more about plastic waste here:┬ápollution article The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the role fungi and bacteria play … Continue reading Lovin Pollution

Malcom Bridge Elementary School: 1st and 3rd Grade lessons

We did it! We finished the year strong with 19 events and community engagement activities. Our final events of the year took place at Malcom Bridge Elementary School in Oconee County last week. Five EcoReachers volunteered in their 1st and 3rd grade classrooms and taught the students about plants, soil and greenhouses. Three EcoReachers worked … Continue reading Malcom Bridge Elementary School: 1st and 3rd Grade lessons