Lesson Types

Stream bio-monitoring lesson at Stroud Elementary School

EcoReach participants design creative, hands-on activities as well as presenting basic information about ecology topics in the form of a talk or slide show.  Some programs include hands-on scientific experiments, art projects, role-playing activities, reading literature, or guided nature walks.  We target our activities to specific grade levels ranging from kindergarten through high school.


EcoReach has developed programs on a diverse range of topics, such as: Aquatic Macroinvertebrates, Stream Bio-monitoring,  Groundwater Flow, Weather: Using Maps and Weather Instruments, Soil Ecology, Plants & What Helps Them Grow, Winter Camouflage, How Animals Use Color, Insects, Diversity of Animal Life, Cells and the Kingdoms of Life, Marine Biology: Focus on Sea Turtles, Creatures of the Night: Bats, Water Resources & Land Use, Butterflies, Tropical Rainforests, and Biomes of the World.

We will continue to diversify our range of topics and are willing to work with educators in order to create lessons based on the needs of the students.  We emphasize developing programs to supplement schools’ objectives while also fulfilling the requirements of the state curriculum guidelines.